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Manifestos for Change

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Read Manifestos for Change
Collection of Manifestos (unfortunately PDF) to encourage rational thought.

(Via JoiIto & MegNut) ChangeThis Manifestos launch:

We donít believe humans evolved to be so bad at making decisions, so poor at changing our minds, so violent in arguing our point of view. Weíre well aware of how split our country and our world have become, but we donít think the current state of affairs is built into our very nature.

The problem lies in the media.

In the old days, we had the time and inclination to consider the implications of a decision. Everyone wasnít in quite so much of a hurry. At the same time, most conversations (and most arguments) were local ones, conducted between people who knew each other.

Today, itís very different. Television demands a sound bite. A one hundred word letter to the editor is a long one. Radio has become a jingoistic wasteland, a series of thoughtless mantras, repeated over and over and designed to fit into a typical commute.

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