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September 2004 Stats

In case anyone is interested, here now are summary site stats for September 2004:

Excluding bots there were 42488 page views from 25527 visits from 18651
visitors. Thursday is the busiest day of the week (last month it was Monday). 4pm was the busiest time of day. Average visit duration is 134 seconds (up 4 seconds, yay!). Windows accounts for 75.6% of visits (down about 1%), Mac is 5.5%, Linux 0.9%. MS Internet Explorer accounts for 69.6% down about 4% with Firefox on 5.5%.

30.7% of visitors come from search engines with Google topping the list (17092) then Yahoo! (1096), MSN (777) and AOL (344). 6219 different keyphrases brought people to An Oasis.

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