Vice Presidential Debate - Cheney v. Edwards

I just watched the debate between Vice President Dick Cheney (Republican) and Senator John Edwards (Democrat). Absolutely no substance to it whatsoever - accusations and counter accusations. Naturally I preferred John Edwards message of hope and sunshine and his liberal bent, while Cheney's scare everyone into voting Cheney-Bush tactics seemed cynical.

If Edwards job for the night was to persuade people that he & Kerry had a plan then he was certainly 'on message' - too many "we have a plan for..." to keep count. Cheney also seemed like the whole thing was below him and he couldn't really be bothered to play. Some people are calling that gravitas. Edwards did not make as much of the recent Rumsfeld "No Iraq - A-Q Link" thing, nor did he make significant inroads with Bremner's "Not enough troops" statement - both of which lend themselves well to the "this administration is full of BS" argument.

Early 'spinning' suggests that Cheney 'won' the night, which I think is crap. But then I thought that Bush 'won' on Thursday so what do I know?

Posted by Paul in USA Politics at October 6, 2004 04:36 AM | 2 Comments