Is the answer to encourage bigger families?

The declining population of Scotland presents long term challenges for the economy and society, an interesting article in The Scotsman asks, "Legislate to procreate: solution to birth crisis?"

Pro-natalist policies have ranged from urging people to procreate (the call on Jews worldwide by religious leaders in response to falling birth rates), direct monetary compensation (Italy under Mussolini), financial stimuli (Singapore in the 1970s) and prohibition of birth control (Romania under Ceausescu).

I think it is certainly not a bad idea to discuss the use of legislation to encourage bigger families - is this a form of social engineering which is acceptable for the long term good of all or does it discriminate against those who are infertile or unable to provide appropriate care for children?

Posted by Paul in Scotland Politics at October 13, 2004 02:24 AM | 0 Comments