Presidential Debate 3

Random notes!

Oh, just when I thought it couldn't get worse Bush turned religious fanatic talking with zeal about Freedom in Afghanistan being a gift from the Almighty.

"Litany of complaints doesn't make a plan" v. "Integrity, Integrity, Integrity"

I really wonder whether the non-obsessed majority care about the No Child Left Behind Act or COPS or whether Bush met with the Black Congressional Caucus or who has AK-47's. When I hear them interviewed they invoke 'flip-flop' or 'he's too liberal.' But the viewer ratings, at least for the other debates, have been high. How many votes are they debating for? 1,000,000? 50,000,000?

I wonder how long it will be until UK legislators start with slogan style names for acts of parliament.

Why are the polls neck and neck? Why is Kerry not 20 or 30 points ahead? Because people either like Bush or dislike Kerry. Feel safer with Bush? Believe the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth? Agree with Bush on 1 specific issue, Iraq, taxes, immigration, abortion, whatever and regard the rest as not important. Commentator suggests 'Bulldog tenacity' 'thematic consistency' as Bushy bonuses. Other words: trust, conviction, leadership. What difference does being incumbent make?

Real difference in policies is neglible, like really negligible. We're splitting hairs over adjacent shades of dark grey. Kerry may very well be the liberal senator from Massachusetts but he ain't no Tommy Sheridan.

Interesting times. Irregular voter turnout may yet save Kerry from the 'big picture' scenario?

Posted by Paul in USA Politics at October 14, 2004 04:20 AM | 1 Comments