# President Kerry and Europe by Timothy Garton Ash
"Skeptics say the difference between the two candidates' approaches is style, not substance, but in this relationship, style is substance."
# 100 facts about the Bush administration
The Nation presents a "Non-arguable case against the Bush Administration"
# Salam Pax in Washington D.C.
The Baghdad Blogger is in D.C. and is chronicling his adventures.
# Kilroy-Silk: If you want me as leader, then do something about it
Perspective characterises this well, "Kilroy-Silk goes mental"!
# Is George Bush a Christian?
He talks the talk but does he walk the walk?
# Why Scotland never hated Jews
“A Scot is asked if he is Catholic or Protestant, and when he replies ‘Jewish’, the question is simply repeated … ‘a Catholic Jew or a Protestant Jew?’”
# A rundown of the many benefits for Europe of Bush being re-elected
As anti-americanism increases (and would presumably continue under 4 more of Bush), Europe increases trade, prestige and power.
# 21st century conservative movement resembles 20th century fascism
David Neiwert begins a six part series - The Rise of Pseudo Fascism
# Bush's hometown newspaper endorses John Kerry
'The Iconoclast urges Texans not to rate the candidate by his hometown or even his political party, but instead by where he intends to take the country.' [Via Lessig]
# Mitch Kapor argues for an internet based open source US popular reform movement
'Tom Paine would be writing "Common Sense" on his Linux box today.'
# Washington Post Op-Ed on Flu Vaccine
Ridiculous opinion piece from an AEI fellow and ex-Director of Medical Policy Development at the US FDA
# New York Times endorses John Kerry for President
expresses fear of 'four more years' particularly regarding judicial appointments
# Israel could end up being regarded as a pariah state
says a secret Israeli report which also says EU & Israel on collision course.
# WEF Global Competitiveness Reports puts UK 11th
Good macroeconomic management and business environment mitigated by poor public infrastructure.
# Jeremy is providing good coverage of key events at Web 2.0 conference
Interesting commentary / reportage from the second generation internet business conference.