North Atlantic Alliances

Two interesting articles came to notice today, the first in which Henry Kissinger looks at Iraq, North Korea and Atlantic Relations. On the latter he notes that, "The impasse is partly due to the fact that the generation that formed the Atlantic relationship has passed from the scene" rather than short term disagreements on US tactics. Which makes the second article more interesting, it's an article about the "British-American Project" (BAP) in which young(ish) politicos, artists, journalists, thinkers, etc. from the UK and the USA get together to drink and discuss the 'special relationship'. Apparently it isn't funded by the CIA.

All this because once again I'm supposed to be writing 2000 words, this time on "How might the UN be reformed to come closer to the ideal of cosmopolitan democracy?"

Posted by Paul in UK-USA Relations Politics at November 7, 2004 11:56 PM