The Wee Book of Calvin: Air-Kissing in the North-East

The Wee Book of CalvinThis book may very well be the perfect Christmas present [Buy UK] for anyone of Scots-descent to tune them into the gloom that is our presbyterian ethic.

"Ironic satire in a self-help book full of sorrow... quintessentially Scottish and strangely hypnotic"
- The Bookseller
"The Feng-Shui of broken windows... Gull Soup for the soul..."
- Don Paterson - Winner of Whitbread Poetry Prize 2003
Proving that every silver lining has a cloud, the age old wisdom includes;
  • The impossibility of redemption: Soap an waater waash dirt awa but a sin stains black forever.
  • Stoicism: Self-pity never biled a haddock.
  • Hostility to aspiration: The bonniest flooer wilts the quickest.
  • Misanthropy: Millions of women bring forth in pain/Millions of bairns that are nae worth haein.

[via The Economist]

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