Condoleezza Rice on promoting the US National Interest

It is both interesting and timely to revisit Condoleezza Rice's piece, Campaign 2000: Promoting the National Interest from the Jan/Feb 2000 issue of Foreign Affairs. She suggests that US Foreign Policy should refocus on the US National Interest and the pursuit of key priorities:

  • to ensure that America's military can deter war, project power, and fight in defense of its interests if deterrence fails;
  • to promote economic growth and political openness by extending free trade and a stable international monetary system to all committed to these principles, including in the western hemisphere, which has too often been neglected as a vital area of U.S. national interest;
  • to renew strong and intimate relationships with allies who share American values and can thus share the burden of promoting peace, prosperity, and freedom;
  • to focus U.S. energies on comprehensive relationships with the big powers, particularly Russia and China, that can and will mold the character of the international political system; and
  • to deal decisively with the threat of rogue regimes and hostile powers, which is increasingly taking the forms of the potential for terrorism and the development of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
Of course this was all pre-2001 but still it is useful.

Posted by Paul in USA Politics at November 28, 2004 05:27 AM | 2 Comments