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Sony bullying Blogger

Sony are being nasty to Jason Kottke over his posting of Jeopardy 'spoilers' - af all things. I don't really understand why they have any kind of control of what he says, he is presumably not in some kind of contract which grants him priviliged information in return for non-disclosure duties. So, how is he obliged not to talk about the show? First Amendment? Fair Use? Seems like it is just a big corporation bullying the little guy who doesn't have the resources they have. I'm sure Sony will drop it (and they ought to apologise) but if they don't then I'm sure the community will rally.

Ironically, Kottke helped spread the news which led to massive viewers for Sony's show. Now they are just gonna hurt their brand with this dumb stunt which seems to be turning into a story.

Posted by Paul in Miscellaneous Law at December 2, 2004 08:45 PM | 1 Comments | Browse Related Books