Candidates for Home Secretary

Without David Blunkett at the Helm, who will be the replacement Secretary of State for the Home Department?

  • Charles Clarke
    Secretary of State for Education and Skills since Oct 2002
    Loyal, Not scared of unpopular measures viz Tuition Fees

  • Dr. John Reid
    Secretary of State for Health since June 2003
    Tough. Too many jobs recently. Scottish (goes against him because Scotland has a seperate legal system, tho this is also true for his present portfolio Health - but there was a mini-uproar about that at the time.)

Most likely Charles Clarke I suppose. Hilary Armstrong would be an interesting choice, she has been on the sharp end of several rebellions as Chief Whip for the last few years. She is though relatively unknown and doesn't have the bruiser image that might be necessary to continue the realtively successful sidelining of the Tories on crime and order issues. Also she maybe doesn't have the necessary 'big' portfolio experience.

Update: Clarke it is with Ruth Kelly being promoted from the Cabinet Office to Secretary of State for Education.

Posted by Paul in UK Politics at December 15, 2004 06:56 PM | 1 Comments