Bringing together photographic and geographic representations

By combining a AudioVox SMT 5600 phone, Neil Cowburn's imaging library for .NETCF, MapPoint Location Server and Flickr you can produce a pretty neat technology demo which lets you take photos with your mobile and see on a map where the photo was taken.

With all that, and a hearty dose of my own .NETCF and a little ASP.NET magic on the backend, it wasn't too hard to create an app that allows me to take a picture and hit "Send" ...

Two clicks, and a few seconds later, anyone can look at the website and see the picture I took, and where I was when I took it (within a pretty wide range, as I'm on the AT&T network, which does location at the cell-tower level, so you know I'm generally in Seattle, but you can't find me exactly).

That's neat.

[Via Jeremy]

Posted by Paul in Geek Tech at January 14, 2005 05:34 PM | 0 Comments