Red Marakesh

AFAIK Friday was my first Moroccan food experience at Red Marakesh (dodgy site, music and flash and dubious claims to be Edinburgh's Number One Restaurant (which it really isn't)) on Clerk Street in Newington. Not being terribly au fait with what it was all about and in a spirit of being open minded I opted to let others order and to simply sit back and experience it all. We shared a few dishes including Chicken Tagine, Vegetable Tagine & Couscous with vegetables and Aubergine Danjal, all of which were pretty tasty, lots of good flavour. The list comments that the couscous could be a bit bland, which would is true but as we were sharing the couscous provided a good base for other dishes. The surroundings though are OK (authentic I'm told) and the service was good. They do hookahs for a fiver with a wide choice of flavoured tobaccos which is kind of neat. Portion sizes weren't huge. Good fun though. A little pricey for a cheap meal, a little lacking for a pricey one.

Posted by Paul in Eating Out Edinburgh at January 16, 2005 03:09 PM