Arthur's Seat

It being such a beautiful day today I was persuaded to forgoe Tony Blair being interviewed by June Sarpong, The O.C. AND Smallville (collectively a considerable sacrifice) to go and climb up a hill. Arthur's seat, for those not in the know, is a geological delight (!) right herein the centre of Edinburgh. It is an extinct volcano which last erupted some 350 or 400 million years ago.

So, yeah, Anna-Lisa, Stuart & I made it to the very top (which is like 800 or 900 feet above sea level!), a first for me. I think I one time got like half way up before giving up. But this time, impending heart attack ignored, the march to the top was not too bad. The view was great but it was very windy up there. And busy too. Obviously lots of people are into the hill climbing thing.

And then we had a Sunday roast and a pint or two at the World's End on the High Street. Not been in there before, it was good though; good food, good service, nice surroundings. On a related, if more savoury, note I see that the police have named their prime suspect for the notorious 26 year old World's End murders.

Posted by Paul in Things to do Edinburgh at January 30, 2005 06:43 PM