The Future of Google...

Greg Linden has a few notes from Google's Analyst Day. The bits of it that I watched (the Q&A's) were not the most entertaining.

I thought it was interesting at one point when Larry talked about how Google currently serve Medium size businesses well, then talking about small businesses who don't even have a website, then talking about how they were going to be focused on serving small & large business better. In light of the recent acquisition by Google Inc. of Ignite Logic, Inc. [that is via Archive.Org (Feb 2004), the site doesn't contain much now] (a firm which produces a (scalable to entire SME segment?) solution for law firms to build web sites, I wonder whether a content management for small business system might be forthcoming with the ease of content creation that Blogger provides to individuals.

Another interesting question was whether Google would be providing their own PayPal service (having many established relationships with Publishers and Advertisers). Most questions, including this one, were batted away though.

Update: Nick highlights other points of interest at Threadwatch.

Posted by Paul in Google Tech at February 10, 2005 08:55 AM