Launch(es?) from Jason Kottke David Galbraith

David Galbraith is moving to New York and launching something new;

"The product is somewhere between Flickr and delicious and, amongst other things, will build upon the concept of tagging, to allow 'metatagging', where anyone can create their own types of category: restaurant, location=ny etc."
Jason Kottke lives in New York and is announcing something
"Oh, and stay tuned for an announcement tomorrow (hopefully)."
I've been watching the space around folksonomy type products with much interest lately, not least because I'm building something neat in that space myself. Flickr, are blazing trails out there but there are many neat new things to be done, like Russ Beattie's Tagsurf which is a forum which uses tags for organisation of posts.

Revisiting this some moments later I realise I omitted. That is probably because their implementation leaves me wanting.

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