Upcoming.org: A collaborative event calendar

Why is upcoming.org not more popular? It calls itself a collaborative event calendar and thats pretty much what it is. Say, for example, you're going to see Noam Chomsky talk in Edinburgh then you can see who else is going too and do what you like with that information; hook up, have coffee before, pints after. Most useful I imagine if you actually know upcoming.org users in your 'metro area'. More useful still if you live in NYC or SFO. Edinburgh at the moment only has 9.

Upcoming.org is a collaborative event calendar, completely driven by people like you. Enter in the events you're attending, comment on events entered by others, and syndicate event listings to your own weblog.

As Upcoming.org learns more about the events you enjoy, it will suggest new events you never would have heard about.

Unfortunately Edinburgh doesn't (ever) have any events listed either. This app could be useful though and deserves more popularity.

Posted by Paul in Social Networking Tech at February 23, 2005 03:43 AM