The network is the game

Interesting (and spot on) take on Flickr, eBay etc from Stephan Spencer in flickr the game.

The realization that Flickr is, in many ways, a game, leads one to an interesting thought. Is it possible that all truly great websites are games? Ebay is a nice example of this. People donít just log in to buy and sell, they also log in to play, explore, and even fight with other users over items. Who hasnít heard from a friend of a great Ebay discovery, or a bidding war, or a fantastic sale? Play makes Ebay fun. Google is another example. It has exploration and discovery game elements in abundance!

Perhaps when we think web usability and design we should also be catering to human kindís innate curiosity and desire to solve problems that games tap into. With these ideas in mind, letís hope the next generation websites learn from Flickr and sites like it to produce truly interesting experiences.

Posted by Paul in User Experience Tech at February 28, 2005 06:29 AM