Reserved Matters

So, the election is to be May 5th and the FT claims that the tories have a 5 point lead over labour "among people who say they will definitely vote." Maybe this is going to be more interesting than at first appearance.

For those of us in Scotland, it is worth remembering that Westminster is not responsible for, amongst other things; Agriculture, Arts & culture, Criminal justice, Economic development, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Local government and Transport. If you have a gripe with any of these things then it is the Holyrood Parliament which is to blame - do something about it at the next Scottish Parliament election.

Westminster is responsible for Asylum/immigration, Benefits, Broadcasting, Defence, Employment legislation, Energy, Foreign policy, Pensions, Treasury and the UK economy.

Here's to a fun filled month ahead . . .

Posted by Paul in UK General Election 2005 Politics at April 5, 2005 03:50 PM | 1 Comments