Exam Over

Int'l Law exam this a.m. at 9.30. Last night I thought I'd covered most things and about midnight debated whether to do more on the Law of the Sea. I did, fell asleep about 6 and woke at 9.10. Oops. Taxi. Exam. Pint. Went OK I think; I never can really tell. Picked up an essay I'd written on Int'l Law and was worth 20% of total. Got 70%. Only need 33% in exam to get pass therefore. All good.

Monday brings two exams back to back; Criminal Law & Economics. I've been dipping into Law Basics Criminal Law today but haven't really thought too much about it yet. Unfortunately I'm a last minute sort of guy.

Posted by Paul in International Law Law at April 28, 2005 01:58 AM