Campaign? What campaign?

I'm voting in Edinburgh North and Leith where the incumbent (and notional 2001 winner) is Labour. They won last time with a majority of 8,817 and as a result I don't think they, or any of the other parties think there is much point campaigning.

My circumstantial evidence is this; I've had 1 (one) election communication through the post. It was from the Conservative Party and I received it today. The tories came 4th last time round with 13.9% of the vote. The Green Party and the Socialists are standing too and thus far they, like the others, are keeping schtum about what they plan to do once (with my help) they get to Westminster. Similarily I have seen bugger all in the way of posters or car stickers or any of the 'usual' paraphenalia.

I have a pet peeve and it is this: It is ridiculous to have to pay 2.50 - 5.00 each to find out, from the horses mouth, what on earth everyone stands for. And yeah I know you can print them from web sites but that would just waste my printer ink and paper.

It is IMHO frankly no wonder that nobody can be bothered to vote these days.

UPDATE: I've just noticed that Chris at is lamenting the party efforts in Edinburgh East constituency. He however did get leaflets and lots of them. Not fair.

Posted by Paul in UK General Election 2005 Politics at April 28, 2005 02:32 AM | 0 Comments