EUSA Election Hustings

I was all set to buckle down and do some Criminal Law revision this evening when Anna-Lisa said the magic words. Kebab Mahal. That was when my plan went out the window and plan number 2 had to be hastily hatched.

After Chicken Madras (awesome once again btw) we were going to meet Stuart at the Links Bar but A-L said he had a problem judging time so we stopped by Potterrow to laugh at some election candidates. The candidates weren't very funny though and the gig was pretty dull. I think we were there for about 50 minutes in which time the the green lady spoke about 8 times, the labour guy maybe 5, the lib dem 5, the socialist 4 along with the tory and the poor SNP blokey only got 1 shot. If there is one thing that bugs me to hell and back it is bad chairmanship and the chick that was doing it was pretty bad. One dude in the audience with the most stereotyped 'didn't get into cambridge' accent said that he felt racial tension in Edinburgh and asked whether now was the right time to stir up Scottish Nationalist feelings. I laughed. No-one else did though and the question didn't get put to the snipper.

So yeah, we left, disappointed by the unfunniness of the candidates. On the way out I was handed a leaflet by the Communist League. It's very romantic, bless them. At least they are trying though. We went to the links bar to meet Stuart and Patrick (from Germany) and Aviv (from Israel). Drinks and pool. Busy in there. Young too. Most people looked not a day over 16. My pool playing was dismal. I lost to the guy who is apparently the butt of all pool jokes.

And home. Ted is sitting in the dark in the living room. I asked whether he wanted the light on but either he didn't understand or he thought I was being patronising. Either way Ted remains sitting in the dark in the living room.

Presumably as a follow up to yesterday's post about the lack of election campaigning, my big sister who lives in Inverness sent me the following email:

From: Judy Rollo
To: Paul Rollo
Date: Apr 28, 2005 8:45 PM
Subject: Election bumpf

Hi P,

Just fyi the number of separate mailings we've had from the various parties
throughout the campaign so far are as follows:

Libdems 7 or 8 (1 individually addressed to Gerry)
Labour 3 (1 individually addressed to Gerry)
Tories 1 (individually addressed to Gerry)
Publicans 1

I don't think we've thrown any out and this is what we have in the house.

Jude x

Sweet huh? Thanks Jude. Judes is (obviously) good at keeping track of paperwork. Inverness is where it is happening in case you don't know. The labour dude there is going to lose to a lib dem by the looks of it.

And no wonder, Jude has 7 or 8 leaflets from them.

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