Proof that there is an election going down.So it appears that the candidates have bothered to put up signs outside the polling station at least. By the end of yesterday I had received election communications from the tories and the labour party. One apiece. Nothing from the socialists, green party, snp or liberal democrats.

It will be interesting to see how this thing pans out; specifically will the focus on key marginals to the exclusion of everybody else backfire? I'm told it is difficult to campaign in Edinburgh due to the large number of shared stairs and lack of access to letterboxes. But I think that is a crappy excuse, surely they can justify the cost of envelopes and stamps?

Anyway, none of their shenanigans changed my vote ultimately so I suppose a mailout from the socialists or the green party would have been wasted energy. Maybe these folks are smarter than I give them credit for.

Posted by Paul in UK General Election 2005 Politics at May 5, 2005 04:39 PM | 0 Comments