Digital Camera AND Camcorder AND MP3 Player - Philips Key019

Back in October, Jeremy blogged that he'd bought a Philips Key010 and he was pretty happy with it. Since then it's big brother the Philips Key019 128MB Wearable Digital Camcorder has been on my shopping list. I received it about a week ago.

First impressions are good. In fact the only drawback is that it doesn't have a flash. Thus far I have tended to use it by storing around 50 or 60 Mb of MP3's, enough for a couple of hours listening and leaving 60 - 70 Mb free for impromptu pictures and video. It is literally about the size of a cigarette lighter so is very easy to carry around without getting in the way. And it is consequentally always handy when I see something to snap. The Picture quality is good in my opinion. Good enough for snaps. And the video quality is good too. Obviously not broadcast standard but good enough so you can have a video record of funny things. The 128Mb lets you take arouynd 200 pictures, 25 minutes of video or store 128Mb of music - divide it as appropriate.

The battery takes about 3 hours to charge (through the USB connector) and lasts me for a day of intermittent usage. No need to buy batteries, though it does have a external battery pack which you can plug it into if you run out of internal juice whilst embarked upon a critical mission.

I bought it because I like to be able to record moments without having the overhead of carrying lots of equipment. For that purpose it is perfect. :-) One young guy asked me yesterday what it was. When I explained he said, "Really? Technology nowadays, I dunno..."

Posted by Paul in Digital Cameras Tech at May 12, 2005 01:06 AM | 0 Comments