US Invasion of Auchterarder

Heh heh, this is old news but I didn't notice it at the time - GWB is bringing an aircraft carrier with him to the G8 summit!

The aircraft carrier is about giving America the capability to do lots of things with people, helicopters and the like. They also want their own command post if Bush decides they have to carry out their own operation.
The Scotsman recommend citizens of Auchterarder should
drap[e] their houses in huge US flags and spray-painting their cars in the stars and stripes. Also learning the Texan for "donít shoot, we're on your side".
If I had one, and if petrol was a bit cheaper, I'd probably take it on holiday with me too.

Posted by Paul in UK-USA Relations Politics at May 24, 2005 07:15 PM | 0 Comments