Feels like Fringe spirit

I've been back in Edinburgh for a little more than 24 hours now and have so far been to Phat Cave at the Gilded Balloon, Robin Ince's Book Club, Adam Buxtom's I, Pavel and the recording for Scottish TV / Paramount's Live at the Fringe - the Happy Monday Show. Adam Buxtom (of Adam & Joe) is an especially good time. Robin Ince himself was quite funny though the quality of showcase performances was variable. At Phat Cave there was a welshman called Rhod Gilbert who was good and I would quite like to see his whole show.

Not bad going I feel, though now I need to spend some time doing a little resit revision and studying the various festival programmes to see if there are hidden nuggets which look unmissable.

Posted by Paul in Fringe Festival Edinburgh at August 9, 2005 01:58 AM