When's a PVR not a PVR?

This thing is kind of neat - 3.2Tb of disk containing seven days of TV. You don't need to tell it what to tape, it grabs everything. And it is a research project of the BBC - promise.tv.

Promise.tv wholesale recording introduces serendipity into time-shifted televiewing. Previously, there was no possibility of the chancing across programmes, as they had to be selected for recording ahead of transmission. Promise.tv encourages programme skimming, where the viewer can browse through all of the recorded programmes looking for something which catches the eye. Promise.tv provides the 'lucky dip' approach to seven days of viewing.
Awesome. I can flick channels for hours and hours and hours. With this thing I could flick yesterday's TV for hours and hours and hours. Hmmm. Useful?

Posted by Paul in Television Tech at August 17, 2005 12:57 PM | 0 Comments