Google Talk: IM Service launched

talk_logo.gifinvite.gifSo, after years of speculation Google have finally brought out .

It is, as rumoured, based on the Jabber/XMPP spec so any adhering clients can make use of the service. The client software (a slim 900K) which Google have brought out today is Windows only, and only XP/2000 at that. Linux, Mac and other Windows users have to use an alternative client.

It seems fairly glued in to Gmail sharing address book and user authentication information, it also replaces the gmail notifier program by building in that functionality. It isn't showing ads either. In a phrase that is going to come back and bite them one day they say, "We aren't showing any ads on Google Talk. There are no pop-ups or clutterójust a clean and simple interface to make it easy for you to communicate instantly with your friends." So the ads elsewhere are clutter? ;-)

Looks good overall, interesting to see where this road leads to...

Posted by Paul in Internet Infrastructure Tech at August 24, 2005 04:59 AM | 0 Comments