Chris Patten: Not quite the diplomat

My little sister picked up on the subtle hint (which included a url and a ISBN number) and got me Chris Patten's book "Not Quite the Diplomat" for Christmas. If you are interested in international relations then I definitely recommend it.

It is unusual to find such a candid book by a well respected name yet it is candid without being crass or gossipy. These are undoubtedly the common-sense home-truths which he has been desperate to shout from the rafters but couldn't due to his various high profile roles. And in my view he's a common-sense kind of guy. It covers his time as a European Commissioner and addresses two main themes; Britain's relationship with Europe and the USA's abandonment of the international and multi-lateral institutions which have brought it such success.

Martin Jacques review in the Guardian is worth reading.

Posted by Paul in Commentary Politics at January 12, 2006 03:19 AM | 2 Comments