End of an era as West Wing is Axed

News is that the current seventh season is to be the last for NBC's West Wing.

Many will no doubt lament the end of the run but in truth I am kind of glad to see it brought to a close. For a while there I was a great fan but it all kind of turned a bit wrong; they kept churning them out to eke out more cash but the passion was gone. The death throes really began several series ago when Aaron Sorkin was pushed out. Now, with Bartlett facing a term limit problem and the recent death of his chief of staff Leo McGarry (played by John Spencer) it seems kindest to let it all fade to black.

Aside: Which twat at the 'Independent' Newspaper decided to go for the two column web layout?

Posted by Paul in Television Entertainment at January 23, 2006 08:09 AM | 1 Comments