A blog without posts or comments isn't much of a blog.

  • It was January when I last posted here. And now it is August. Useless.
  • I switched off comments 2 years ago, re-enabled them a year and a half ago but didn't build a back-end to administer the spam out of them until tonight. Useless.
It has been so long since I posted I think I grew to think I had to make the return post a good one. But none of them are especially good so... This is it. The ice-breaker.
  • I am missing the Edinburgh Festivals for the first time in probably 4 or 5 years. That sucks.
  • Does anyone have any pointers for me on self-discipline. That would be useful.
  • I'm going to Edinburgh, Elgin and Fort William for a few weeks in September. I'm very much looking forward to it.
  • Liam just told me this post was melo-dramatic. FWIW, I think that is melo-dramatic.

Posted by Paul in Blogging Tech at August 9, 2007 03:54 AM