David Miliband

I've just watched a couple of videos of David Miliband on his recent trip to the US which he mentioned on his blog. It is refreshing to hear a politician not talk in soundbites and seem willing, even eager, to answer questions. This ties in, in my head at least, with a couple of posts on Lords of the Blog which address sincerity in politics; from Lord Tyler in Don't know?

what would happen if a Minister, faced with the demand for an immediate comment on the Today programme, replied ďI donít know, Iíll think about thatĒ. Would John Humphrys explode ?
and Baroness Murphy in When Ministers donít know
We applaud government show-offs who can demonstrate their rapid and witty responses whereas in real life I want Ministers with sound judgement, personal integrity and sense of good purpose.

I find myself often disengaged from politics because it is impossible to understand what reasoning lies beneath a menacing line, e.g. "the threat of seperation".

Anyway, the Miliband vids follow. Watch them.

Posted by Paul in Communication Politics at May 24, 2008 04:17 AM