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January 13, 2005

An uneasy relationship: United Nations and New York City

Now as we all know from diligent viewing of the West Wing (Season 4, Episode 10 - Arctic Radar - Bartlett: "There are big signs! You can't park there! They should get towed! I hope they get towed to Queens...

November 29, 2004

UN Security Council Reform

On Thursday a panel of 16 international figures will publish recommendations on how to reform the United Nations to face such 21st-century challenges as terror, failed states, nuclear proliferation, poverty, environmental decay and mass violence and genocide. The NYT (in...

September 20, 2004

An Evolving United Nations

Jack Straw, Britain's Foreign Secretary, spoke recently at Chatham House on the topic 'Shaping a stronger United Nations' in which he eloquently makes the case that todays threats to international peace and stability are as likely to come from non-state...
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