Too sensible for the tory party?

Meanwhile in Westminster Michael Portillo is to quit as a MP. One day after the leadership of the Conservative party went uncontested to Michael Howard, Michael Portillo has refused the offer of a job in the shadow cabinet and announced that he will not seek reelection at the next General Election.

Mr Portillo said: "I have been considering my future for some time and I have decided that it should lie outside the House of Commons.

"In a number of ways I have lost my enthusiasm for the cut-and-thrust of the chamber and my contribution to it has diminished.

"I do not know what I shall do after I leave, but I am keen to explore opportunities in the media, public bodies and the arts."

Lost enthusiasm? Diminished contribution? Maybe he's more representative of his party than anyone thought.

Posted by Paul at November 7, 2003 04:59 PM |
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