Original Khushi (Edinburgh) WiFi

Edinburgh's pioneering curry house, Original Khushi's at Potterow, is now making wireless internet access (WiFi) available to customers. Unfortunately they fail to follow the lead shown by the Jolly Judge and All Good (WiFi info) in making the service available at no cost to customers, charging as they are 1.30 1/2 Hour & 2.00 Per Hour. According to their press release

Khushi`s were the first restaurant in edinburgh serving indian cusine and are now the first to offer WiFi access to its customers new and old.
and goes on,
Khushi`s is now online with an interactive booking system and downloadable menus along with the facility for customers to submit reviews online.
Haha, I love press release talk, "a facility for customers to submit reviews online". How clever are they? Go Khushi's ;-)

Posted by Paul in Wi-Fi Tech at July 12, 2004 07:20 PM