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July 12, 2004

Original Khushi (Edinburgh) WiFi

Edinburgh's pioneering curry house, Original Khushi's at Potterow, is now making wireless internet access (WiFi) available to customers. Unfortunately they fail to follow the lead shown by the Jolly Judge and All Good (WiFi info) in making the service available...

July 07, 2004


Following the launch of Wi-Fi on Lufthansa Aircraft, GNER (a UK train operating company) lauched Wi-Fi on Rails. The GNER Mobile Office is provided free of charge for First Class passengers, for Standard Class the rates range from 2.95 for...

June 16, 2004

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot (s)

Just thought I'd see where there is free wi-fi in Edinburgh and came across a site which lists Free Wireless Internet Access Hotspots worldwide. It only lists one in Edinburgh though, anyone know of any others at Bars or Cafe's?...

May 18, 2004

In Flight Wi-Fi

Via New Scientist: Passengers flying on a Lufthansa flight from Munich to Los Angeles on Monday became the first to experience in-flight Wi-Fi. The system, FlyNet, provided by Connexion - a Boeing company - costs $10 for 1/2 an hour...
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