Like a phoenix

And so it came to be that sixteen full days after 'the move' the omnipotent British Telecommunications plc. have activated ADSL on my line. Most people wait only ten days to be activated but living, as it transpires I do, at the extremity of the (now obsoleted) 'maximum distance from the phone exchange test' there were a multitude of checks which *had* to be carried out. I don't think it helps the consumer's case to live in an area without an alternative fixed line supplier, there's clearly not the same incentive for BT to pull their finger out. But I'm not one to whine, so suffice to say I'm glad that the purgatory is over; old 56K faithful is retired once more.

Determined never again to move flat with six increasingly crappy desktop PC's and two laptops, I used the sixteen down days productively and have thus far cannibalised three of them to make one nice one. I think there is potential for one further good desktop and perhaps a couple of boxes dedicated to specific geek tasks. The remainder will be trashed.

This new apartment is great, good location (Stockbridge / Canonmills), spacious and a little quieter than being in the heart of the West End. My flatmate Anna-Lisa, LA's funniest export since Airplane!, seems to be coping with me so far also. Which is useful. At least I think so, her online debut may however reveal otherwise - The Ferocious Reader.

Posted by Paul in Broadband Tech at September 16, 2004 02:58 AM | 1 Comments