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September 16, 2004

Like a phoenix

And so it came to be that sixteen full days after 'the move' the omnipotent British Telecommunications plc. have activated ADSL on my line. Most people wait only ten days to be activated but living, as it transpires I do,...

September 07, 2004

UK VoIP (aka VoB) Encouraged by OfCom

The UK Telecommunications Regulator OfCom has announced a new Voice over IP (or Voice over Broadband) non-geographic numbering prefix '056' to identify VoIP phone connecions. They have also said that VoIP customers will be able to have geographical numbers allocated...

June 24, 2004

Mum got Broadband

So my mum called me up and after chatting about misceltrivia for a while she casually dropped into the conversation Mum: Oh, and I signed up for Broadband... Me: Nice, that's cool. Mum: Yes, I think we need it. Me:...
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