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October 2004 Stats

I just realised that I forgot to update stats for the last couple of months so here is October 2004 and I added retrospectively site stats for September.

Excluding bots there were 55253 page views from 31324 visits from 22249 visitors. The busiest day of the week reverted to Monday. 7pm was the busiest time of day. Average visit duration is 140 seconds (up another 6 seconds). Windows accounts for 73.1% of visits (down another 2%), Mac is down to 4.2%, Linux up to 1.5%. MS Internet Explorer accounts for 64.2% down about 5% with Firefox up about 3% to 8.8%, a significant trend emerging?

33.7% of visitors come from search engines with Google topping the list (20176) then Yahoo! (1114), MSN (921) and AOL (494). 7763 different keyphrases brought people to An Oasis again predominantly popular culture or politics related.

The US accounts for 46.8% of page views followed by 25.9% for the UK and trailed by Germany (3.7%), Canada (3.2%), Italy (3.2%), India (2.1%), Australia (1.2%), Netherlands (1%). For the first time, I think, I see 2 pageviews from the Palestinian Territories.

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