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Piers Morgan's book, The Insider: The Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade is available now on Amazon UK. The publication date is March 10th. Piers Morgan was editor of the Daily Mirror and resigned in the wake of the fake pictures saga of last May.

Back Cover Blurb

"The staff are still deeply uneasy about my appointment. I heard one of the older sub-editors whisper 'f**k me, he's younger than my grandson' as I was given a proper tour of the newsroom. These are serious professionals, many with more than 25 years experience on the biggest selling newspaper in the world. They are not immediately impressed by this spotty little kid marching in from some pop column to tell them what to do. And I feel quite intimidated by the stares, the huddles, the murmurings. I'm a confident person by nature, but this is going to test that confidence more than anything in my life...

At the tender age of 28, PIERS MORGAN was made editor of a national newspaper. So began a career at the epicentre of Britain's media over one of the most tumultuous decades in modern times.

We witnessed the implosion of the Tories and the rise of New Labour; we were rocked by the death of Diana and saw the Royal Family brought to its knees by scandal and tragedy; gripped by horrific news like the massacre at Dunblane and the Paddington rail disaster, we also found ourselves enthralled by a stream of celebrity gossip. And then, on 11 September 2001 the world changed forever. Within a year Britain was at war with Iraq and at odds with itself.

These are the diaries of a true insider and the cast of characters is endless. Diana, William and Charles; Tony Blair, Cherie, Gordon Brown; Paul McCartney, George Michael and Elton John; Rupert Murdoch, Richard Branson and Al Fayed; Fergie, Paul Burrell, James Hewitt, Earl Spencer; Jeremy Clarkson, Paula Yates, Paul Gascoigne; Jeffrey Archer, Alistair Campbell and Alan Clarke. To name but a few.

In a world of indiscreet dinners, private meetings, and gossipy lunches, Piers Morgan found himself in the thick of it and his diaries, written with all the excitement and pace of a thriller, make compulsive reading. Often laugh-out-loud funny and at times nothing less than shocking, to read THE INSIDER is to experience first-hand the secret deals, plotting and power-games that make Britain what it is today."

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