European Union Summit

And so avid readers, as it is almost the holidays, we have a special guest here to interrupt the monotony of Oasis living. Our roving Brussels correspondent, Gemma will, over the next couple of days, be posting live and in colour from behind the scenes at the European Union Summit. Her posts will identify themselves to you somehow. Here is her introductory 'hello';

Tomorrow the EU summit begins. Heads of state and government of the 25 EU member states, a flood of 2040 journalists from all over the globe, around 70 interpreters, countless diplomats, copious quantities of coffee and me.

As your anoasis correspondent, Iíll be there to keep an eye on what goes on. Now, for a serious account of what really happens, to find out who clinches the budget deal, youíd be well advised to check out

As for me, I hope to provide anoasis with a snapshot of what goes on behind the scenes of the media centre. Iíll be on the wrong (or right?) side of the camera. Really, itís an experiment; so I only hope that itís at least a little bit interesting. A demain. - Gemma

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