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September 20, 2004

An Evolving United Nations

Jack Straw, Britain's Foreign Secretary, spoke recently at Chatham House on the topic 'Shaping a stronger United Nations' in which he eloquently makes the case that todays threats to international peace and stability are as likely to come from non-state...

August 13, 2004

Al Qa'ida insights emerge from Hard Drive

Jason Kottke draws attention to an article in The Atlantic, Inside Al-Qaeda's Hard Drive which is an intriguing account of the contents of a hard drive bought in Afghanistan by journalist Alan Cullison. The hard drive was stolen from al-Qaeda's...

July 22, 2004

Who would Osama vote for?

Paul Krugman writes in The Arabian Candidate that,nothing in Mr. Bush's record would make [Osama] unhappy at the prospect of four more years while simultaneously Aaron refutes the bumper sticker propaganda (Kerry is bin Laden's Man/Bush is My Man)....

June 16, 2004

Iran and Iraq: A Complex Situation

The Iraq Adventure is either madness or genius, either way the effects will be wide ranging and will significantly shape the rest of this century. These are just random, not necessarily connected thoughts floating in my head after reading a...

May 12, 2004

Double Standards over Beheading?

Andrew Sullivan asks "Where is the Web site?" which the media keeps referring to as a radical islamist web site and in a previous post argues, Let's start an internet campaign to insist that the major media - including the...
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