Paul. I don't really know where to start with this. I'm 27 and live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I'm a 1st year Law & Politics Student at Edinburgh Law School which is part of the University of Edinburgh.

Workwise, like everyone I used to know before I started being a student again, I do internet marketing related stuff; a few projects of my own that I'm really interested in and consulting for a few choice clients.

Edinburgh is a cool place to live. It's Scotland's capital city, all the law stuff is here, parliament is here, the arts are pretty strong, bookshops are plentiful, it's not hard to get a good cup of coffee, you can walk most places if you have time and some of the architecture is pretty amazing.

I used to take business quite seriously, getting onto committees, speaking at events, networking and all that. It didn't take a life changing experience to beat that out of me, I like that you can get things done, slowly, by doing all that stuff, but I think I realised that I didn't really enjoy it at all and would rather cut a more solitary path for a while.

I enjoy travelling; meeting people and seeing how life is different in strange and far off lands. I road tripped with my matey Gregor from San Francisco to New York once and from Seattle to San Francisco a different time.

I read The Guardian and sometimes The FT. I get Scottish News from The Scotsman or The Herald either on-line or on-paper. I watch Channel 4 most, then BBC2, then BBC1 then ITV. I listen to either Radio4 or Radio1 and like Greenday, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, The Pixies - stuff like that (I also quite like Blink-182, Alien Ant Farm, Sum-41 etc. but my friends laugh at me for that). I read all kinds of stuff, mostly non-fiction though.

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