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Hey folks, I need some suggestions... There have been a couple of posts recently which have turned into a bit of a fiasco for me to keep an eye on and have led to a less than satisfactory user experience in terms of a) speed of page download and b) quality of content. The posts I refer to are MTV Europe Music Awards Edinburgh 2003 and David Blaine London Cage Stunt and the specific problem is that they attract too many comments! I think it is great that people are commenting but due to the volume of posts the pages have become long and unwieldy so I'm looking for suggestions as to how this could be better handled.

My current thought is that I would set up a more traditional forum where comments are threaded and the user can advance through comments one by one, responding where desired, and organised in a more threaded way. Anyone done this? Anyone got any other ideas of what would work? Even if you dont know whether something would work just tell me if it would be cool. I'm open to anything pretty much so fire off a comment and let me know. Also, use this thread to tell me anything you like / don't like about the site. Cheers, Paul.

Posted by Paul at October 14, 2003 12:29 PM |
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just to say that your two busiest posts are the two which i regularly use! i think that the format at the moment is fine, it doesnt take long atol for the page to load and at the end of the day, i think regular threads are a bit shit and more hassle! i'm not a net genius but maybe if you split the posts up and have say 50 comments on a page and just have page numbers at the bottom? anyway, it may seem like a problem to you but i like it the way it is. cheers for the service! steve

Posted by: Steven at October 14, 2003 08:47 PM