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November 19, 2005

The English 1689 Bill of Rights

Robin de Crittenden is a 67 year old man who lives near Wolverhampton who apparently is fighting a parking fine arguing that a provision of the 1689 Bill of Rights provides that they are unlawful;That all grants and promises of...

December 15, 2004

UK Supreme Court location announced

The constitutional shake up which was on ice due to lack of a suitable building and then narrowed down to Middlesex Guildhall or Somerset House might be back on track with an announcement that Middlesex Guildhall will be the home...

June 27, 2004

UK Supreme Court still on cards

Contrary to earlier reports that the UK Supreme Court idea had been shelved, the Guardian yesterday reported that Ministers plan to push ahead with the abolition of the office of Lord Chancellor and the creation of a new Supreme Court...

June 02, 2004

UK Supreme Court 'on ice'?

Via Scots Law News : Don't know how I managed to miss the news that due to a problem finding accommodation the proposed UK Supreme Court will be delayed indefininitely. If this is true then it is ridiculous. Why not...
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