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May 24, 2005

US Invasion of Auchterarder

Heh heh, this is old news but I didn't notice it at the time - GWB is bringing an aircraft carrier with him to the G8 summit!The aircraft carrier is about giving America the capability to do lots of things...

May 12, 2005

Sidney Blumenthal comments on future UK-US Relations

Sidney Blumenthal comments in the Guardian that Tony Blair is not the first British prime minister to embrace a US president's mendacity, but he could well be the last. How "loyalty to an ally, the national interest and protocol" prevented...

November 07, 2004

North Atlantic Alliances

Two interesting articles came to notice today, the first in which Henry Kissinger looks at Iraq, North Korea and Atlantic Relations. On the latter he notes that, "The impasse is partly due to the fact that the generation that formed...

October 20, 2004

US Request for Troop Cover

The US request for British troop cover is curious. Curious that the US allows itself to be in the position of asking.Rumsfeld: To the extent they're not [able to participate], there are workarounds and they would not be involved, at...

September 28, 2004

Niall Ferguson comments on the divergence of UK & US National Interests

Niall Ferguson in Britain First asks, "What was in it for us? To put it more precisely: in what respect, if any, was and is Britainís support for American policy in our national interest?"What exactly have we gained or do...
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