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November 15, 2005

Build your own PVR

I haven't really followed developments with MythTV - a homebrew Personal Video Recorder project - since I wrote about it (DIY Tivo) back in June 2003. I have just noticed that there is now a bootable Knoppix Linux CD preconfigured...

September 16, 2004

Like a phoenix

And so it came to be that sixteen full days after 'the move' the omnipotent British Telecommunications plc. have activated ADSL on my line. Most people wait only ten days to be activated but living, as it transpires I do,...

July 28, 2004

Sysadmin Appreciation Day!

On Friday it's Sysadmin Appreciation Day at Thinkgeek! So you can go buy something for your Sysadmin, or if you're a sysadmin then treat yourself. How about Circuitboard Cufflinksfor example :-)...

June 03, 2004

Swiss Army Knife with USB flash drive

Cool! A Swiss Army Knife with 64Mb USB flash drive! This thing is neat and I want one now. It features the USB flash drive, a LED light, Swiss Army knife, ballpoint pen and there is a version without...

May 20, 2004

PlusDeck: a cassette deck for your PC!

Neat! The PlusDeck is just plain cool! Who needs a hard drive full of MP3's when you can chill in your cube listening to your retro tapes from back in the day. Facilitates Cassette Tape to MP3, MP3 to...
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